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With a few thousand people landing and boarding at Marseille airport, it is no wonder that it is considered the fifth most important airport in France.

Indeed, every day, thousands of travellers flock to one of the most famous cities in the south of France. Some go there for business, others for obligation and many just for the pleasure of visiting this beautiful city, especially during the summer season.

Marseille is a warm and welcoming city and its environment motivates more and more tourists who do not hesitate to discover it. But once arrived at the airport, what solution to move? The answer is a VTC driver.

Why is it more advantageous to choose a VTC at Marseille airport?

To get out of the airport of Marseille or to reach it, there is no better than a VTC.

Moreover, the quality of service, according to the testimonies of several users, is far from being the same. In several forums, average people have praised the advantages of hiring a VTC.

Some talk about being driven by someone who knows the area well, which helps avoid traffic jams, for example.

In addition, thanks to the VTC at
the airport from Marseille you can cover the 24 km distance from the airport to the city centre in about 20 minutes. Something that is not possible by bus, for example, which takes at least a year to reach its destination. If you’re not sure you’ll make it to your flight, you might want to consider taking a VTC rental
is much more convenient.

Your private driver in Marseille

How to get around Marseille ?

The city of Marseille is a very attractive city which is defined by its modern aspect as well as its traditional and authentic aspect. In addition, it has all the amenities and transportation is available.

You have plenty of choice the choice for your travelsYou will only have to choose the most suitable means for you, among others:

  • take the bus,
  • opt for the train,
  • rent a car,
  • book a VTC.

Many travellers travellers opt for the VTC when they leave the airport in Marseille. Indeed, it is a choice that offers many advantages, which is why it is so popular. Moreover, those who opt for this service, it is especially for its value for money then although the public transport is very solicited in Marseilles, however, they present many limits to which the VTC is the right solution.

This also favours the use of VTC in Marseilleis that foreign travellers who arrive do not necessarily know the city, especially if it is their first visit, so this service becomes a solution for them.

Our fleet of VTC from Marseille airport

For the comfort of our customers we offer a wide range of vehicles with all the necessary comfort and safety.

In sedan we offer a Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes S-Class Limousine, for minivans and minibuses we also have all the comfort of Mercedes with the V-Class and Sprinter. We also aim to be environmentally friendly, which is why we have a Tesla Model S in our fleet.

We adapt to all your requests in Marseille and its surroundings.

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