Are you tired of waiting in line to buy a metro ticket or being pushed around when entering a bus? There is a much more comfortable and reliable transportation service all year round.

Limousine service has been enjoying increasing success in recent times. Discover all the strengths of this means of transport.

Why choose a Limo service in Marseille?

Limousine companies have understood the need to make means of getting around in absolute comfort accessible to everyone without having to waste time or come into contact with other people. You just need to define the place of departure and the place of arrival to be assigned a personal chauffeur in no time.

The reasons why it is interesting to choose a private hire Limousine service in Marseille are as follows:

Reliable service

Limo reservations are made instantly. Once your order is confirmed, you can be sure to receive a driver as soon as possible. You can even book a ride several hours in advance for better time management.

With a Limousine service , it is possible to hire a chauffeur service when arriving at the airport. There is no longer any question of waiting for hours to find a taxi.

Competitive costs

Compared with conventional taxi services, Limousine hire guarantee low rates for better service. Indeed, paying less to have a personal driver is now possible regardless of the length of your journey. In addition to that, the longer the trip, the less expensive you will be charged for the distance, which will save you money when traveling.

One of the strengths of this mode of transport is to have the cost of the ride even before getting in the car. This pricing transparency limo hire the best alternative to public transport.

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Our fleet of rental cars with driver in Marseille

For the comfort of our customers we offer a wide range of vehicles with all the necessary comfort and safety.

In sedan we offer a Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes S-Class Limousine, for minivans and minibuses we also have all the comfort of Mercedes with the V-Class and Sprinter. We also aim to be environmentally friendly, which is why we have a Tesla Model S in our fleet.

We adapt to all your requests in Marseille and its surroundings.

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