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Many people are still reluctant to book a VTC driver service in Marseille . However, this means of transport makes it possible to ensure great flexibility and has advantages that cannot be found anywhere else in business travel. The private VTC driver in Marseille, as in most cities in France, is a regulated profession.

He is therefore subject to certain obligations and must have undergone specific training. To be able to practice the profession, he must have a registration number. He must also hold a certificate of professional competence and be insured as a VTC with a company.

The difference between a VTC and a taxi

The points that make it possible to distinguish between a VTC driver and a taxi are the following:

  • VTC drivers do not have a plate that distinguishes it from other vehicles, discretion and comfort are highlighted.
  • VTC prices are predefined before the race, while taxi prices vary according to time, traffic and location.
  • The route for transport from the airport or train station is also more flexible than that of a taxi with the possibility of reserving a VTC for a given period. The price will also be according to the period.

In France and its regions, the best alternative are private drivers. To get around and make a reservation for your trip to Marseille is that of VTC drivers. They are simply cars driven by drivers who take care of driving you to the destination of your choice, offering you the comfort, safety but also the speed you need to make your trips.

Renting a car with VTC driver in Marseille is relatively easy, as several companies specializing in this type of service provide services in this sector.

One of them bears the name of TSE Tourisme & Transport , and provides its customers with luxury vehicles of several categories, depending on the number of people involved in the trip. This company is particularly famous, in addition to its branded vehicles, for its drivers, all experienced and efficient in their profession.

Chauffeur VTC Marseille

Provision of a VTC driver in Marseille

Tourists on vacation in Marseille have all kinds of means of transport at their disposal to move around the city, but the easiest is undoubtedly car rental with a private driver in the city of Marseille .

If it is more expensive than the others, this service nonetheless has the significant advantage of having a vehicle at will. But what about those who don’t have a driver’s license or just don’t want to pilot a vehicle?

It is to answer this question that a vehicle rental company with drivers has opened its doors in Marseille . This is no ordinary company as we only offer premium vehicles such as Mercedes E-Class or Mercedes S-Class .

Chauffeur VTC Marseille

Advantage of a VTC driver from Marseille airport

Before looking at the advantages of this type of transport, it should be defined that a driver from Marseille airport simply means Tourism Vehicle with Driver or more commonly called car with driver.

We tend to compare them to taxi services but they are very different. Admittedly, they allow you to travel wherever you want, but they do not use the same billing and are flexible on group or company trips.

A VTC driver from Marseille airport Provence offers vehicles for tourists with driver to take them anywhere in town with a road professional in the greatest discretion and safety, we recommend ordering a VTC in Marseille in advance in order to have peace of mind during your stay .

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For the comfort of our customers, we offer a wide range of vehicle rental with private driver including all the necessary comfort and safety.

Our range of sedan with driver is composed of Mercedes Class E and Mercedes Class S for our Limousine, for minivans and minibuses we also have all the comfort of Mercedes with the Mercedes Class V and Sprinter . We also aim for ecological journeys, which is why we have a Tesla Model S in our fleet.

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