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Minibus rental in Paris with driver: the service to facilitate group travel

Looking for a minibus in Paris to go to a particular event or for work? TSE Tourisme & Transport offers minibus and other vehicle rental services from Paris or Paris CDG/Orly airport . For several years, we have been operating in several cities in France. We are specialists in transport service and private transfers. With us, meeting your needs is paramount. We are therefore doing everything we can to achieve this goal.

Minibus rental in Paris with driver: Call on our services

For all your minibus rental needs in Paris with driver , TSE Tourisme & Transport is the company that can satisfy you. Calling on our offers allows you to have at your disposal a vehicle that meets your expectations. We have all kinds of minibuses which allows us to offer the right cars to our customers. Whatever your preferences, you will find the minibus you need with us.

For example, are you looking for a minibus to bring your small family for the weekend or to a distant destination? Send us your request in order to have one of our minibuses which could contain your whole family without impacting their comfort. With TSE Tourism and Transport, everything happens according to the customer’s wishes. We offer minibus rental services in Paris with driver . You will therefore have to drive your minibus yourself.

Before choosing this option, make sure you have a driving license and have a perfect command of the highway codes. Signing up for auto insurance is also highly recommended. You still have the option of delegating this task to someone else. However, be aware that any external driver must meet certain conditions before having access to our minibuses. It is in fact:

  • Hold a B driving licence;
  • Have up-to-date identity documents;
  • Master the rules of the road.

We will take care of the technical checks and all the security elements to allow you to have a safe and sound trip. All of our vehicles are also covered by qualified auto insurance. We put everything at your disposal to allow you to live a non-regrettable experience.

We are also the solution to the problem of those who do not know how to drive or who do not wish to drive the vehicle themselves. In these situations, we offer, in addition to the rental of the vehicle, the provision of a professional driver. The latter will take care of driving you faithfully to your destination.

Minibus Paris

Chauffeur van Paris: the heart of our profession

To drive a van car in Paris, the texts recommend a driver with a B driving licence. Do you have your minibus, but you do not meet this condition to drive your vehicle safely? Turn to TSE Tourisme & Transport to have a van driver at your disposal in Paris or in other cities in France.

Our drivers have perfect skills for these types of needs. They have all undergone rigorous training which allows them to exercise this activity as an expert. In addition to their expertise in driving, they benefit from a favorable state of mind guaranteeing perfect harmony. They are at your service 7/7 and 24/24 . Since our driver team is made up of several drivers, we organize ourselves accordingly.

We succeed in relaying our employees to each other in order to always provide you with alert and careful drivers. Whatever the choice of your itinerary in Paris, we are committed to providing you with the right driver(s). Also, if you do not have a minibus or be able to drive such a vehicle, TSE Tourisme & Transport simplifies your life thanks to its very interesting offers.

You can rent our minibuses with driver in Paris at a widely studied price. Our services are not only of an irreproachable quality of driver , but against very competitive rates. Give yourself the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in one of our luxury minibuses and you will not regret it. Comfort, safety and well-being are our main qualities.

Visit Paris by van: Trust us

Do you dream of visiting Paris by van in the next few days? Well ! You have a good initiative that will be filled with pleasant sensations. However, visiting Paris by van is not a trivial matter. Travel being one of the most important steps, it would be interesting to put everything in place so that the transport is carried out in the best conditions.

To this end, using the offers of a company specializing in transport services could be a significant asset. It makes your life easier and less stressful. You can then concentrate on the other priorities of your trip in order to make it an extraordinary experience. With market competition, it is unfortunately easy to make the wrong choice.

On the internet and on social networks, several companies offer services that seem to be adapted to the needs of customers. However, this is generally not the case. The cases of recorded deception are numerous. Even by highlighting the criteria for choosing a company specializing in transport services, it can happen that you make a mistake of choice.

Make it simple by opting for the services of TSE Tourism and Transport. It is indeed the top 1 of best companies specializing in transport in France, particularly in Paris by van, sedan and minibus . Our agencies are in all the cities of France. For a transport service in Paris, you will just have to contact one of our agencies closest to you. You can also contact us via our website TSE-Transport.Com.

Our transport offers extend throughout France. Whatever your geographical location, we find a way to satisfy you. Since we have a large collection of vehicles, we provide you with the vehicle of your dreams. Our drivers are also very competent and can offer you quality services. These are the men on the ground who master the nooks and crannies of Paris.

With them, you limit the risk of getting lost in cases where you do not fully control your route. They help you with their mastery of the territory to find the ideal path. Our employees are not only very dynamic and careful. You run no risk by entrusting your visit to Paris by van to these experts. They help you discover Paris in another way.

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For the comfort of our customers, we offer a wide range of vehicle rental with private driver including all the necessary comfort and safety.

Our range of sedan with driver is composed of Mercedes Class E and Mercedes Class S for our Limousine, for minivans and minibuses we also have all the comfort of Mercedes with the Mercedes Class V and Sprinter . We also aim for ecological journeys, which is why we have a Tesla Model S in our fleet.

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