Transfer to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in France

The Formula 1 Grand Prix is an international event that brings together motor racing enthusiasts from around the world every year. The vehicles concerned by this competition are rather special single-seaters, which we never see outside the framework of car racing. Their shape was given to them in order to maximize their aerodynamics and to eliminate the problems of aspiration, for always more speed and overtaking. Come and enjoy this race with a private transfer from Marseille.

How does a Formula 1 grand prix take place?

The Formula 1 Grand Prix competition takes place over 3 days, namely free practice on the first and the first part of the second day, qualifying practice on the second, and finally the race on the last day.

Free practice is of no particular importance for the participants, it is only, as their name suggests, free training through which the driver will familiarize himself with his vehicle, but especially with the circuit. Two one and a half hour sessions on the first day and a third one hour session on the second day make up this outline.

The qualifying sessions are used to snatch a rank (the best possible) on the day of the race. They are extremely codified, and it is not always easy to see clearly, as there are so many rules. Either way, the goal is to clinch pole position by lapping around a circuit in less time than all the others. The event lasts one hour, and each driver can only complete a maximum of twelve laps. It is important to get a good rank for the race, to avoid overtaking and other problems.

Transfer from Marseille airport by VTC to attend the Grand Prix

The next edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in France will take place at the Paul Ricard circuit. If you wish to attend, you can fly to Marseille and then order a private driver to get to Le Castellet as quickly as possible. Indeed, requesting a VTC from Marseille airport for the circuit on a 50 kilometer journey will allow you to travel comfortably and quickly.

formula 1 grand prix transfer

A long race, but limited by time

The total distance to be covered in a Formula 1 grand prix circuit varies from place to place, but it is generally between 305 and 310 kilometers, with the exception of races which take place inside built-up areas. , like the Monaco Grand Prix.

That said, the race does not necessarily end when all the cars have crossed the finish line; indeed, the duration of the event never exceeds two hours. Thus, if there is a delay due to weather or other conditions, the race will still be stopped after a certain time, and the classification will be validated according to the position of the vehicles when the stop signal is given.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, the race director may decide to interrupt the event for safety reasons. If at this time, 75% of the total distance of the circuit has been covered by everyone, then the result is validated and the classification made according to the position of each vehicle.

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