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Executive driver Lyon: Call on the expertise of our company

Getting around the city of Lyon is nowadays very easy thanks to the various transport companies . These transport structures with professional drivers provide customers with experienced executive drivers. Executive drivers provide various group, family or single passenger trips. This is of course a noble profession that has been booming lately. If you want to know more about the profession of the Lyon executive driver, this article is for you.

Executive driver, what is it?

The executive driver, also called master driver, is responsible for moving people and goods. This personal driver ‘s role is to transport people, their families, friends or associates according to their needs. He may also be required to ensure the recovery and transport of customers’ goods outside their homes. It can be products or materials.

Above all, he is a professional and versatile driver who performs a wide variety of tasks, but related to driving. The profession of executive driver implies the ability to play the role:

  • personal driver,
  • Airport Transfer Driver,
  • Private Transport Driver,
  • bus driver ,
  • Taxi driver,
  • VTC driver , etc.

He may indeed be called upon to transport goods . The executive driver nevertheless works for a rental car company with driver. He is therefore recruited on the basis of certain criteria. However, a master driver can also be a self-employed person working on his own account.

Chauffeur de direction sur Lyon

Executive driver in Lyon: what are his responsibilities?

The master driver is a professional driver in a private capacity. Thanks to his skills, he plays the role of tour guide , delivery driver , security guard , executive assistant , etc. He is, in fact, called upon to drop off his employer at work, accompany the children to school. This private driver can also take the housekeeper for shopping, drive the family to various outings, etc.

Apart from his driving skills, the executive driver may also have other useful skills. Some executive drivers have military, police and extreme driving training in the event of an assault or chase. He is a long-haul trucker who is able to drive a vehicle in unusual ways to get his employer out of certain hazardous materials . He demonstrates professionalism while ensuring that his passenger gets home safely .

Nevertheless, the main tasks of the executive driver are among others:

  • vehicle maintenance,
  • Vehicle Wash,
  • car insurance,
  • Administrative support.

The executive driver must present a clean and undamaged vehicle to his employer at all times. Depending on the status of the passenger, certain additional skills may be required.

TSE Tourisme & Transport: the missions of the executive driver in Lyon and its surroundings

At TSE Tourisme & Transport, after taking up the position , the executive driver is called upon to carry out deferred assignments. The master driver can be employed as a bus driver, transfer driver, taxi driver or VTC driver. Performing temporary work , he may be required to make long journeys at the request of his employer.

The position of executive driver implies mastery of the highway code , punctuality and seriousness. Our private drivers, given the missions, can work in conveying. Depending on the work context, he may be called upon to play the role of team leader for the smooth running of tasks. This is a position to be filled requiring impeccable interpersonal skills.

As an executive driver, you have to take care of the maintenance of the vehicle, its technical visit to the mechanic and its cleanliness. If you are looking for a job in the field of private transport, tourist transport, road transport and others, contact us.

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