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Take advantage of all transfers from Marseille airport : Choice of a whole range of vehicles.

Need transport from Marseille airport to the city center? Here is the solution for you.

You are planning an arrival at Marseille airport but what is the best way to get to the city center from Marseille airport? VTC, taxi or public transport...

Marseille Provence Airport is the fifth largest and busiest airport in France. Indeed, this city in the south of France is very popular, especially during the summer season. Its beautiful beaches and numerous tourist sites are very attractive to travellers.

Many travellers disembark at Marseille airport, however, a significant number of individuals fly out of this terminal. When you don’t know a city, you don’t know which transport to take to get to the city centre of Marseille, we will see everything this.

So how do you take transport from Marseille airport to the city center? For your trip you are spoiled for choice . In this city in the south of France, as in other places, there is no lack of transport. You will have the opportunity to :

  • Take an individual taxi, a quick and moderately expensive solution.
  • Order a VTC driver for comfort and peace of mind.
  • Take public transport from Marseille Saint-Charles station.

For a Taxi usually it is necessary to count according to the traffic a rate between 60 and 80 euros because indeed that takes only on the meter.

Thepublic transport solution is very economical and also there are regular buses (about every 30 minutes for a cost of about ten euros)

Getting to Marseille airport with a taxi or a VTC?

Moreover, with a VTC, you can get there for 70 euros and with the possibility of group transport from Marseille airport for around 100 euros per van during the day.

Moreover, you have the choice to book them at any time. Between crowded public transport and expensive individual taxis, this is the best solution for your trip.

You will be able to move around at ease, without having to drag your luggage behind you.

With all these possibilities available to you, you can choose the solution that best suits you to travel from Marseille city center to the airport.

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Transport from Marseille airport to Saint-Charles train station

If you are in transit between Marseille airport and Marseille Saint-Charles train station, it is strongly recommended to book a private driver for your arrival at the airport. Indeed, the city of Marseille being the second largest in France, the traffic is not the most favourable, your driver will be able to pass by small departmental roads contrary to public transport.

We follow the flight arrivals in real time, even with a delay your driver will wait for you at the exit of the airport of Marseille to be able to lead you in all tranquility to the station of Marseille Saint-Charles.

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Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign at the exit of your flight.

Save time with a driver at your disposal.

Go and visit Provence in these corners.

Choose from our wide selection of vehicles the one that suits you best.

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